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Participating in GSOC2012. Read the details about my project.

Basic Information

  • Name: Carlos Cárdenas Fernández
  • Location: Perú, Lima
  • University: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Begun: 2010, End: 2012 for august
  • Google talk ID: or unimauro
  • Address: Calle Independencia 331, Urb Zarumilla - San Martin de Porres
  • Phone: (511) 4815857, Claro: 980525716, RPM: # 999314206
  • Email:,
  • Skype: UNIMAURO
  • Are you subscribed to our ascend-sim-users mailing list?: YES
  • URL link to your CV:
  • URL link to your personal blog/homepage:

Over 9 years of professional experience in areas of human capital, defense, education, strategic planning, business processes, information technology, business intelligence, information security, finance, marketing and brand management. Skill lidership, communication, creativity, system and strategic thinking for result oriented.

Carlos... please go and read Help:Editing and learn the wiki syntax.


REQUIRE "atoms.a4l";
MODEL vessel;
(* variables *)
side_area, end_area IS_A area;
vessel_vol, wall_vol IS_A volume;
wall_thickness, H, D IS_A distance;
H_to_D_ratio IS_A factor;
metal_density IS_A mass_density;
metal_mass IS_A mass;
(* equations *)
FlatEnds: end_area = 1{PI} * D^2 / 4;
Sides: side_area = 1{PI} * D * H;
Cylinder: vessel_vol = end_area * H;
Metal_volume: (side_area + 2 * end_area) *
wall_thickness = wall_vol;
HD_definition: D * H_to_D_ratio = H;
VesselMass: metal_mass = metal_density * wall_vol;
END vessel;
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