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ASCEND is participating in the Google Summer of Code programme in 2012. Below is the information which provided to the students who applied to participate. The following link give the list of the students whom we accepted:

You can also access the GSOC student pages on this wiki via Category:GSOC2012.

General information

GSOC is a programme that lets students be paid for work that they do to contribute to an open-source software project. It is a competitive programme for which students must make themselves known to the software project directly, and then apply to Google for selection. Students who get involved well in advance of the deadlines usually have a much better chance of being selected. Some links for people wanting to learn about GSOC for possible future participation:

We'd like to encourage anyone interested in our project to get in contact with us, and make a proposal! In general, the best way to learn about ASCEND is first to actually try to use it: so, please, get the code, build it, ponder our student projects list, and make your proposal. If you would like to discuss any of this, you can get in contact with us via the ascend-sim-users mailing list.

Please note that to actually formally apply to participate in the GSOC, you must use the GSOC website, you don't apply to us.

Ways to get involved

  • read the ASCEND overview and understand what ASCEND actually does.
  • download our 'trunk' code using subversion then build it, and then let us know about any issues you come across. Try to help us fix those issues
  • use ASCEND! write some models to solve problems that you have come across in your coursework or elsewhere. Send us your completed models, and work to make them general and reusable. Make use of existing reusable models from our model library where possible. If we see someone who's actually worked out what ASCEND is and how to use it, we're much more likely to sit up and pay attention!
  • read our documentation and help us to improve it: this is a wiki, so anyone can edit it. (Note: because of endless spam, you have to first register and we have to manually review your submission, but if you look like you're a real human-being person thing, then we're happy to have you.)
  • take a look at our tracker and find a bug that you can fix, or a feature request that you can implement
  • get onto our mailing list and open a discussion on features you would like to see in ASCEND
  • talk to your professor about ASCEND, and whether there might be ways to incorporate project work with ASCEND into your degree.
  • try tackling some little example problems that we previously used as tests for our GSOC applicants: OpenMP Exercise, ANTLR exercise.

Application template

The following is the 'application template' that you can use when submitting your formal proposal to ASCEND via the website.

  • Name: full name (preferred 'friendly' name in brackets)
  • Email:
  • Location: country, city during coding period
  • University: current university and course, year started, length, expected completion date.
  • Google talk ID:
  • Are you subscribed to our ascend-sim-users mailing list? YES/NO (we prefer YES!)
  • Phone number: (optional)
  • URL link to your CV: (optional)
  • URL link to your personal blog/homepage: (optional)

Project proposal

  • Project title as provided on the Student projects page (or something of your own)
  • Then, a description of the project in your own words.
  • Why did you choose this idea?
  • Show us that you've thought about (and/or discussed) what would really be involved in your chosen project.


  • What are the goals of your project? How is your success with these goals measurable?
  • What is your planning schedule for completing these goals? (preliminary, for further discussion)

Other projects

  • Give one or two other projects that you would be interested in, if the first is unavailable.

Other commitments

  • Exams or other events you expect to have to deal with during the GSOC period.
  • How you plan to juggle the competing demands on your time. You are expected to contribute at least 35 hours a week of 'real work' to your project.
  • Note that we require a minimum of weekly contact from all our students, unless forewarned.

Coding experience

  • Programming languages you have learnt, and how many lines of code, approximately, you have written in each.

Up and running?

  • Get a copy of the current ASCEND trunk code using subversion
  • Did you manage to compile it? Is it up and running on your local system?
    • Report any difficulties you had with compiling. If there were problems, did you report a bug or request support on our mailing list?
  • Have you written any ASCEND models? Please provide copies (paste code into your User Page on this wiki, and like to it here)
  • Link to a screenshot of ASCEND running on your system, preferably after solving a model you have written.

Open source experience

  • Is this your first contact with the ASCEND project?
  • List or link to any code, patches, documentation or bug reports contributed to ASCEND or other projects.

Relevant work experience

  • Only if it's relevant, eg engineering or computer science paid work.
  • Give the project details.

Relevant studies

  • Courses that you have completed that are relevant to ASCEND: engineering, maths, computer science. Say why they are relevant.


  • What is it that makes you want to work with our project?