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This wiki makes use of the MediaWiki software, which is the same software as is used to power the all-knowing Wikipedia website. For an overview of the syntax that you can use, see Help:Editing on the site. There are lots of helpful examples of syntax there too.

Some specific areas including MediaWiki plugins ('extensions') that we have installed:

Code highlighting

We are using the ASHighlight extension (that we wrote ourselves, making use of Andre Simon's highlight program inside):

Write this: ...and you'll get:
<source lang=a4c>
MODEL mymodel;
    x IS_A length;
END model;

MODEL mymodel;
    x IS_A length;
END model;
<source lang=c>
int main(void);
    fprintf(stderr,"hello world!\n");

int main(void);
    fprintf(stderr,"hello world!\n");

References to code

If you would like to reference a file in the ASCEND source code repository, you can use the following MediaWiki templates:

For a specific code file in the repository trunk:
For a directory in the repository trunk:
For a code file in a repository branch:
For a directory in a repository branch:

To make a reference to a particular changeset, in any branch of the repository, use:


References to bugs

To refer to a bug on our bug tracker, please use


References to literature

You can use <ref> tags in our wiki. Please see documentation and plugin details.

Steel is very strong<ref>Ashby & Jones 
''Engineering Materials 1'', Pergamon,
1980</ref> and so we make things out of it.

Steel is very strong[1] and so we make things out of it.
  1. Ashby & Jones Engineering Materials 1, Pergamon, 1980

If you are citing a journal article, please use our DOI template to reference the article:

A W Westerberg, 2003, ''A retrospective
on design and process synthesis'', Computers & 
Chemical Engineering, '''28''' (4), 447-458.
A W Westerberg, 2003, A retrospective on design and process synthesis, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 28 (4), 447-458. doi:10.1016/j.compchemeng.2003.09.029.


You can upload images of various types to our wiki, and display them in your pages. We suggest PNG images in most cases, although SVG images are also appropriate for primarily vector graphics.

A general tutorial on the use of images within Mediawiki is here.

For screenshots, it's useful to make your window as small as possible while still showing what you want to depict, then use a screenshot that only captures the current window. Even better, sometimes just a portion of the window is enough. On Ubuntu 12.04, try the "select area to grab" option from the screenshot tool, or the ctrl-shift-PrtSc keystroke.

When inserting an large image or screenshot into a wiki page, use the 'thumb' feature (see help page above), with a suggested image width of 400px. This helps the page to be more readable, while still allowing the reader to see what the image contains if just scanning over the text.


If you want to create a table on your page, see here.

File Uploads

Our wiki can support file uploads, although we generally restrict access to this feature for security reasons. Contact us if you want us to upload something for you and we'll sort it out.

Equation numbers

You can use equation numbering in your pages with the Template:Eq and Template:Eqref templates.

Here is the ideal gas equation:
And reuse {{eqref|1}} to then show...
Here is the ideal gas equation:
And reuse Eq 1 to then show...

Bug tracker

Also please note the modifications we've made to our bug tracker to allow Automatic URL linking to MediaWiki and ViewVC from Mantis.