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This is a holding-page for additional ASCEND resources that need to be incorporated into the wiki.

  • Edelmira D Gálveza, Ross E Swaneyb, Cándice M Malatestac and Luis A Cisternas, 2005,An ASCEND library for the modeling, simulation and optimization of solvent extraction for metal recovery, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (20) 1, pp 403-408, [1]
  • [2]
  • [3]
  • [4] :-)
  • Modeling and optimization of chemical processes: ascend IV and stochastic optimizers [5]
  • Kirk Abbott Very Large Scale Modeling [6]
  • Ben Allan and Art Westerberg Reusability and Scalability of Models [7]
  • Karin Gäbel, Peter Forsberg and Anne-Marie Tillman The design and building of a lifecycle-based process model for simulating environmental performance, product performance and cost in cement manufacturing [8]
  • [9]
  • Karin Gäbel, A Life Cycle Process Model Simulation of Environmental, Product and Economic Performance in Cement Production [10]
  • Tyner and Westerberg Multiperiod design of azeotropic separation systems II: approximate models [11]
  • Luis Cisternas, Cándice Malatesta1, and Edelmira Gálvez, Simulación de procesos de extraccion por solvente con ASCEND IV [12]
  • Hélder Silva, and Romualdo Salcedo, Stochastic Algorithms and Ascend IV: A coupled strategy for nonlinear optimization, 9th International Chemical Engineering Conference - Chempor 2005 [13]

Some other more general stuff:

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