Real-time ASCEND

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This article is about planned development or proposed functionality. Comments welcome.

We propose developing a system that allows realtime data to be incorporated into ASCEND simulations, both for computing the performance of realtime systems, as well as for performing realtime parameter estimation. This is a huge area, and work is just beginning.

Contributed by: Dipak Chirmade

Integration of live data streams into ASCEND simulation

Detailed procedure

Please scroll down through the page to understand the overall work-flow diagram of current work.


Quick example

Following video demonstrate calculation of average of two live real-time temperature feeds. Please visit detailed procedure to learn more about real-time data reader and prototype of real-time solver.

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Source: dipak:models/dipak/Examples

Sequence diagram or work-flow of real-time ascend

(With only major actions)

File:RS Sequence.jpg
Sequence of operations at real-time solver side using Runge-Kutta method.