Supporting RPMs

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RPM packages (.rpm files) can be used on Red Hat and Fedora systems, SUSE and some other linux distributions. Any open-source RPMs that we generate in our efforts to getting ASCEND running, we will upload here.


Even though we previously put sundials into the Fedora repositories (back around Fedora 7), the version of SUNDIALS needed now by ASCEND has moved up to 2.4.0. Here are some RPMs that we built for Fedora 17:

We have not attempted to submit these new RPMs to Fedora at this stage. Please let us know if you might be willing to help with that.


We have a CONOPT RPM that can be supplied to registered users of CONOPT only.


  • Experimental RPMs for Fedora, SUSE and others: [1]
  • When SUNDIALS has been accepted for inclusion into Fedora, we will start working on submitting IPOPT for inclusion.


  • Experimental RPMs for Fedora, SUSE and others: [2]