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The RUN statement can be used within a METHOD to invoke (run) another method, in the same way as a subroutine is called in other languages. In ASCEND, at present, there is no way to pass parameters to METHODS, so the syntax is as simple as

MODEL modela;
    x IS_A solver_var;
METHOD on_load;
    FIX x;
    x := 5;
END on_load;
END modela;

MODEL submodel1;
    w,y,z IS_A solver_var;
    w = y^2 + z;
METHOD setup;
    FIX w;
    w := 3;
END setup;
END submodel1;

MODEL modelb REFINES modela
   a IS_A submodel;
METHOD specify;
   a.z := 5;
END specify;

METHOD on_load;
    RUN specify; (* run a method on the same model *)
    RUN a.setup; (* run a method on a sub-model *)
    RUN modela::on_load; (* run a 'hidden' method by explicitly stating the MODEL name *)
END on_load;
END modelb;