Prerequisites for Windows

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For ASCEND 0.9.7 with the Python GUI

To be installed in this order:

Optional components:

Backup copies of many of the above files are available from this site.

For ASCEND 0.9.7 with the Tcl/Tk GUI

The ActiveState site has recently removed the Tcl/Tk installer that was required by ASCEND during installation. A copy of the original file is available from here:

We also believe that the following release will work, but have not yet tested it:

For ASCEND 0.9.6 with the PyGTK GUI

ASCEND now supports Python 2.5. (See link to download page below). If installing ASCEND with Python 2.5, be sure to get the -py2.5 versions of the dependencies listed below. We have tested ASCEND with more up-to-date versions (than those listed here) of the GTK and PyGTK and related packages and that seems to work OK as well.

First install Python version 2.4. We are not yet supporting Python 2.5 on Windows (although it is tested on Linux and should work).

Next install GTK+. Download the gtk-win32-devel-2.6.10-rc1.exe file from the gladewin32 project.

Next, install the following additional reqired python-related packages on your machine (easily located with Google):

You will require the following (for versions up to ASCEND, or they are optional for for graphics support:

The remaining packages are optional. If you want to enable Python console support for scripting/debugging:

For ASCEND 0.9.6 with the Tcl/Tk GUI


Optionally, if you want to use the CONOPT or CMSlv solvers, you will need CONOPT. We have a .exe installer that we can provide to registered users of CONOPT.

See also Prerequisites for Linux.