Install ASCEND in Virtual Machine

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THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPEMENT. Right now, I am just listing what I did so far step by step...


On many operating systems, installing ASCEND is not exactly hassle free... Even the way to install it on ubuntu linux is different from version to version.

This is the way to get ASCEND runnning on ANY operating system quick and (hopefully) without any problems.

Get Virtual Box

Virtual Box is a program the simulates to be an actual computer on which you can install any operating system you like. This is also interesting if you are for example usually using linux but need some program that is only availible for windows - or the other way round.

  • If you don't have it yet, Download VitualBox here: [1]
  • Install it. The way you do it dpends on your operating system. Porblems? VitualBox User Manual: [2]

Get the prepared Virtual Machine

A complete running ubuntu system with ascend installed is availible, so you don't need to install it yourself.

  • Download it at [LINK WILL BE COMING SOON]

Set the shared folder

To be able to transfer files into you virtual machine you will need a folder that is availible to your operating and the virtual machine at the same time. This folder will actually be some folder in your "normal" operating system but also availible to your virtual Machine. This will be important to put import (model) files and hand them oer to ascend.

  • Select the Window of Virtual Box in which the virtual machine is running
  • Click on "Devices" -> "Shared Folders"
  • There will be a little button for adding a shared folder - some symbol with a green plus on it - click it!
  • Set the Folder Path. This is a folder on your main operating system - just select any you like. It will maybe something like "C:\Users\Harry\Desktop\ascendshare" (Windows) or "/home/harry/Desktop/ascendshare" (Unix)
  • Set the folder name. It MUST BE "hostfolder". This name only appears here and in the configuration file /etc/fstab in the virtual amchine as a reference.