In-paragraph headings in Word 2010

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As noted in this youtube video, you can create correctly-styled document headings placed at the start of a paragraph in Word,

  • first create the heading using the style you wish, eg Heading 3, as a separate paragraph just before the paragraph you want the heading to join with.
  • set Word to display visible spaces, by clicking the '¶' icon in the Home tab.
  • use the mouse to select (just) the paragraph symbol at the end of the line containing your heading, by dragging the cursor over the paragraph symbol.
  • type ctrl-shift-h to hide the paragraph symbol (you won't see anything happen right now)
  • set Word to not disply visible spaces, by again clicking the '¶' icon in the Home tab.

At the end of these steps, your heading will now be joined as part of the following paragraph, but the heading text should be styled differently from the rest of the paragraph.

Also, note that this heading will now be correctly incorporated into you Table of Contents, document navigation, exported PDF index, etc.