Creating slim PyGI installer for Windows

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This page shows how to reduce size of PyGI/PyGObject for Windows.

  1. Download PyGObject 3.14.0_rev18 for Windows from SF (
  2. Download and install 7zip
  3. Unpack installer using 7zip
  4. Run unpack.bat
  5. Delete following directories:
    • devel
    • docs
    • rtvc10-32
    • rtvc10-64
    • all directories in binding except py2.7-32 and py2.7-64
    • all directories in noarch, rtvc9-32 and rtvc9-64 except ATK, Base, GDK, GDKPixbuf, GTK, GTKSourceView, JPEG, Pango, WebP (this allows to install GTK, GTKSourceView with their dependencies)
  6. Remove following lines from setup/setup.bat: 100 and 78 - 89
  7. Run repack.bat
  8. Run rebuild.bat

Note this produces PyGI installer for 32bit and 64bit Python 2.7. If you want to create installer for different versions or different packages you need to delete other directories. More information in readme.txt