Chemical Engineering Models with ASCEND

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This page will summarise the models that exist for Chemical Engineering problems using ASCEND.

  • Thermodynamics with ASCEND : consists models dealing with calculating physical property data and phase equilibria.
  • models/thermodynamics_example.a4c : this file includes a range of examples that show how to use ASCEND for thermodynamics calculations with physical property data from the ASCEND 'thermodynamics.a4l' library.
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium : describes how to write models for solutions in vapor-liquid equilibrium using ASCEND.
  • VLE examples : models dealing with vapor-liwuid equlibrium.
  • Equations OF State :
  • Conditional modelling : this page demonstrates the logic of solving problems involving conditional modelling.
  • models/heatex.a4cThis example shows how we can represent and solve a conditional model containing differential equations for a heat exchanger using ASCEND conditional solver, CMSlv.
  • EnzymeKinetics : consists of models solving Michaelis Menten equations and ODEs.