Building a installer for ASCEND on Windows

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On Windows, we use NSIS to create an installer package for ASCEND. The files relating to the definition of this installer package are in the nsis subdirectory of the code tree.

To build the installer, first make sure you have

  • downloaded and compiled SUNDIALS 2.4.0 via MinGW/MSYS.
  • downloaded a copy of book.pdf and placed it in the doc
  • downloaded IPOPT 3.9.x
  • built the PyGTK GUI
  • built the Tcl/Tk GUI
  • built the IPOPT and IDA solvers (see IPOPT and Building SUNDIALS on Windows)
  • installed GSL for MinGW (needed by FPROPS? -- check this)
  • installed NSIS

Then, from the MSYS prompt, run

scons installer

and you should get a dist/ascend-NNNN-pyN.N.exe file created, according to your version of Python and the latest version code in the SConstruct file.

As of Version 0.9.7, this installer worked fine on Windows XP. We are currently working on fixing this process so that it works on Windows 7 as well. There appear to be issues with some of the new PATH settings on this 'new' version of Windows.

See also Running the Python/PyGTK GUI on Windows