Building a SUNDIALS RPM for Fedora

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These instructions relate to building a SUNDIALS 2.4.0 RPM for Fedora 17 (64 bit), and was tested using a VirtualBox VM hosted on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Background information: see for information on Preparing you System (we didn't setup a separate user, though, justed added our username to group 'mock')

  1. Edit your ~/.rpmmacros to contain '%dist .f17' and '%fedora_version 17' (as appropriate, each on a separate line)
  2. Download sundials-2.4.0.tar.gz from the SUNDIALS site (you may need to use Firefox for that and you may need to provide a name/email address to access the download).
  3. copy the sundials-2.4.0.tar.gz file to the directory ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES.
  4. copy or link the file ~/ascend/tools/sundials/sundials.spec (tools/sundials/sundials.spec, see VersionManagement) into ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
  5. cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
  6. rpmbuild -ba sundials.spec

This should result in some RPM packages in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS which can be installed using

sudo yum remove sundials
cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS
sudo rpm -Uvh sundials-2.4*rpm sundials-devel*rpm

Note that the packaging convention here is not the same as the Fedora RPMs and that's why the earlier packages had to be removed first (we should fix that though).