Binary installer for GSL-1.13 on Mac OS X

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Here is a Mac OS X installer for GSL (the GNU Scientific Library) version 1.13:

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Screenshot of the GSL installer

The copy of GSL included in this installer was built using the Apple version of GCC 4.01 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 on an Mac Mini (Intel) with the following commands:

cd ~
tar zxvf gsl-1.13.tar.gz
cd gsl-1.13
./configure --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=yes
mkdir temp_install
DESTDIR=~/gsl-1.13/temp_install make install

After this, Apple's PackageMaker was invoked, using the following input file:

The installer includes the gsl-config script, installed in /usr/local/bin, which can be invoked to determine the compiler flags you will need to link against GSL. Because this package contains both static and shared libraries, you can use it to produce packages that do not depend on this package, by using static linking.

See also Binary installer for GSL-1.13 on MinGW.