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This article is about planned development or proposed functionality. Comments welcome.

Changes completed

  • Added 'ASSERT expr' statement for ModelSelfTesting.
  • Added 'FIX varlist' statement to facilitate more concise specify methods.
  • Added 'FREE varlist'
  • Added short-form 'IMPORT librarystemname' (assumes registration function named is librarystemname_register)
  • Added a standard fall-back implementation of 'default_all'
  • New standard method 'on_load'.

Changes agreed

Changes proposed

  • Add a 'PLOT instance' statement (currently only possible with ExtPy).
  • Add a 'SOLVE [WITH solver]' statement (can instead use IMPORT "sensitivity/solve")
  • Add a 'SOLVER paramname := paramvalue' statement for setting solver params (can instead use IMPORT "johnpye/solvernotes")
  • Add an 'OBSERVE varlist' statement (no alternative is yet in place)
  • Add 'INDEPENDENT t IS_A time' statement for specifying independent variable in ODE/DAE simulation.
  • Add LINK syntax
  • Add 'der(x)' statement for declaring/expressing derivatives of other variables.
  • Reinvent the syntax entirely, in a much more open-source friendly way. AscendXSyntax discussion.

No longer under consideration

  • Add 'PYTHON METHOD methodname' (see ExtPy for alternative approach)
  • Add 'METHOD methodname FROM PYTHON "filename"' (see ExtPy for alternative approach)