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Divyanshu Bandil Delhi University -- Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Dwarka, Delhi, India

Project plan

Following is a snapshot the latest-version text from bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/docs/ply-ascend-dev-plans.txt

We have a number of simple technical goals for this ascend via python work, discussed later. These will contribute to a number of conceptual goals:

  • Free the ascend language from its GPL'd C implementation for market reasons.
  • Free the ascend language implementation from global variables altogether--proper use of python objects should assure this, as would proper use of Cobjects if we had time for rewrites w/proper testing.
  • Create a framework for experimenting with syntax changes that have ascend4syntax equivalents which are considered 'klunky' or have semantics which isnot in the documented specification of ascend4.
  • Create a framework for writing model export formatting plug-ins withpython rather than C, which has notably painful string handling.

Divyanshu Bandil technical goals, gsoc 2011:

  • ply-a4: a parser, possibly instantiator, in python, as the 'unmodified' base for parsing proposed extensions to ascend4 and/or python translators to other languages.
  • ply-a4-if: extension syntax experiment adding if and generating standard a4 from it. A simpler starting example for this is to implement the FIX and FREE operators as translations to the proper solver_var attribute handling syntax.

Stretch targets:

  • ply-a5: a new-syntax experiment, probably more c-like. Possibly based on plycparser.
  • performance: compare instantiation and evaluation performance of python vs C. Ben has a hypothesis that we can preserve the excellent performance and scalability of ascend relation instantiation and evaluation (while using python) if we try. Would require a python implementation of our instantiator; ascend's for loops are not procedural, so they don't map neatly to python classes as proxies for ascend models.
  • binary translator: export python-ascend instance trees to C/C++/fortran code generators for use in generating parallelism-supported computations. Some overlap with GPU projects.

Continued work

As discussed with Ben Allan, the following are the tasks that are to be done for follow-on work.

  1. Enable to write output in ascend format to make the transformations comprehensive for others.
  2. Provide a makefile or shell (sh) script that shows in one place the complete build and test starting from just the sources and the tar files for the external packages used.

Progress reports

Final Report 22 Aug Following is adapted from bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress/Final22Aug.txt:

The following points describe the various stages of ply-ascend development and their current status.

Parsing a single file

Current Status: ply-ascend4 is fully capable of parsing a single ascend file. The file to be parsed is mention in which stores the contents of the file in PARSE_STRING and passes it to the parse function of the related parser file. The symbol table is implemented as a python dictionary structure with Identifier strings as the keys.

Related Files


TODO/Possible Development

  1. Development of a command line interface for passing the file to the parser.
  2. Adding of different node classes to the value attribute of their respective Symbol_table keys.
  3. Conversion of the present ascend parser and lexer into parser and lexer class working across multiple files.

AST Creation

Current Status: The node classes are created using various AST_Generator files which read the specifications from the related .cfg file and create the *_AST files with the code for node classes in them. This provides us with a generic form of specifying the children and members of different classes.The node classes created are than used to create the AST in The having class Position is used to calculate and store file/line/char info from position of the lexer.

Related Files

  • *
  • *
  • *.cfg

TODO/Possible Development

  1. Unification of all the .cfg files and AST_Generator files
  2. AST validation class - We have a comment.june25 describing the development of such a Statement node validation class
  3. Some remaining AST pieces to be created and used in

Parsing Files with requires in them

Current Status: The parser stores the filename and tries to open it for reading and storing its contents in an AST node. Though as of now the contents are not sent to the parser.

Related Files


TODO/Possible Development

  1. The contents are to be parsed and stored in a common list of TypeDescriptions,Symbol tables etc.

Printing out in parse tree form

Current Status: The files was developed to print out some token values while parsing for debugging purposes. Though print statements are added at suitable places but the user can add/remove such statements to study various parsed tokens.

Related Files


TODO/Possible Development

  1. Writing the parse tree to an output file

Printing out in source tree form

Current Status: The AST is passed to OutputAST function in which converts it into string form with specified indentation and returns it to be written to StringAST.txt.

Related Files

  • StringAST.txt

Modifying a tree/ Transformation of FIX/FREE statements

Current Status

  1. passes the model definition AST to the Transform_Syntax class.
  2. The Transform_Syntax class method replaceMethodCode takes in two strings of ascend statements with the original be the previous and the replacing code be the latter one.
  3. replaceMethodCode has two stages-
    1. Creation of a dummy model with method search and replace and parse it with to procure the needed AST fragments
    2. Searching for the specified statement(FIX/FREE) AST fragments in the model definition and replacing it with the related AST fragements
  4. The modified AST is written to New_AST.txt for debugging purposes.
  5. Tested the code with vesselMethods.a4c. Input AST can be seen in StringAST.txt and modified AST in New_AST.txt

Related Files

  • - line 183 (22 Aug 2011 Commit 3793)

TODO/Possible Development

  1. As python has variables pointer to objects rather than he object itself,therefore, copying the original AST for modification purpose. This would require creation of new objects mirroring the original AST.
  2. A WHEN transformation mentioned by Ben Allan previously.
  3. Replacement using metavars(see Progress/Aug11.txt for more details)

Other Important Development Work

  1. Development of Error handling module
  2. Writing the output ascend model from the transformed AST
  3. Dealing with parsing and storing unit definitions

22 Aug

Transformation code for FIX/FREE statement AST fragments completed

Overall Progress


  • Skeletal lexer and parser - and
  • Creation of AST node classes - AST_Generator and related cfg files
  • Development of mechanism for keeping track of position of various tokens - and
  • Development of mechanism for converting the AST to string form - and StringAST.txt
  • Integration of AST nodes in parser for units, dimensions and fractions and converting them to string form - and,


  • Integration of other AST nodes in parser in progress -
  • Development of tree visitor class

Divyanshu is keeping a record of his work in plain text files.

See bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress for details.

14 Jul

Added code for creating a string form of ascend AST and writing it to a text file.

See bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress for details.

27 Jun

Ben Allan responds bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress/comments.june.25.

25 Jun

From bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress/June25.txt:

Current State We have got a decent way to generate asts through a AST Generator class and a configuration file. A lot of statements having simple structures in the corresponding C code have been replicated in the cfg file. Also a class for position tracking has been created in Position of a particular rule, production or token will be stored in an object of this class while parsing.

To Do

  • Similar Node generator classes for expr_types,units and dimensions
  • Integration of the AST nodes into the parser file for AST construction


  1. Implementation of SlisthasWhat and AddContext functions for some statements. Should we make changes in the ASTGenerator Class to accommodate for it or should we create a which implements these functions?
  2. Regarding ForOrder, ForKind, FlowControl, and ExternalKind enums - It would we good if we create a 'unified class' for them and just mention 'enum' in beginning of the attribute name in the cfg file which will force it to look for its value in the unified class by specifying in ASTGeneretor class.

18 Jun

Ben Allan reports: we have a skeleton parser in place with ply, now we're on to the harder parts: produce AST, create operations to validate AST, create operations to rewrite AST, create operations to generate output code from AST.

9 Jun

From bandil:ascend/ply-compilers/Progress/June9.txt: For debugging purpose, print statements has been included as action codes for some grammar rules in the parser file. It has been checked with some existing models from the models directory and many bugs removed. The lexer/parser seems to work fine.

6 Jun


Pre-acceptance notes

Model of a simple diode circuit with dc voltage source and a resistance in series.

REQUIRE "atoms.a4l";

MODEL diode;
	V IS_A voltage;
	R IS_A resistance;
	VD IS_A voltage;
	Is IS_A current;
	I IS_A current;

	(V - VD)/R = Is * ((exp(VD/0.043478261)) - 1);
	I = Is * ((exp(VD/0.043478261)) - 1);

	(*Fixing values for a simple circuit connecting a diode , a dc voltage and a resistor in series*)
	METHOD on_load;
		RUN default_self;
		RUN values;
		RUN specify;
	END on_load;

	METHOD specify;
		FIX V , R , Is;
	END specify;	

	METHOD values;
		V := 5 {volt};
		R := 1000 {ohm};
		Is := 1e-10 {amp};
	END values;
	METHOD default_self;
		VD := 0.7 {volt};
	END default_self;

END diode;
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Model Diode

Model of a transistor with fixed collector voltage and collector current.

REQUIRE "atoms.a4l";

(	(* Biasing Voltages *)
	VCC WILL_BE voltage;
	VBB WILL_BE voltage;
	VEE WILL_BE voltage;
	VE WILL_BE voltage; (* Emitter Voltage *)
	VB WILL_BE voltage; (* Base Voltage *)
	VC WILL_BE voltage; (* Collector Voltage *)

	RC WILL_BE resistance;
	RE WILL_BE resistance;
	RB WILL_BE resistance;
	IE WILL_BE current; (* Emitter Current *)
	IB WILL_BE current; (* Base Current *)
	IC WILL_BE current; (* Collector Current *)

	(*BJT parameters*)
	bF WILL_BE variable;
	bR WILL_BE variable;
	aF IS_A variable;
	aR IS_A variable;
	VT IS_A voltage;
	Is IS_A current; (*Scaling Current*)
	(* Equations *)
	aF = bF/(1 + bF);
	aR = bR/(1 + bR);
	(*Ebers-Moll Model Equations*)
	IE = (Is/aF)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) - (Is)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);
	IC = (Is)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) - (Is/aR)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);
	IB = (Is/bF)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) + (Is/bR)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);

	(VE - VEE)/RE = (Is/aF)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) - (Is)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);
	(VCC - VC)/RC = (Is)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) - (Is/aR)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);
	(VB - VBB)/RB = (Is/bF)*(exp((VB - VE)/VT) - 1) + (Is/bR)*(exp((VB - VC)/VT) - 1);	


	METHOD specify;
		FIX Is;
	END specify;

	METHOD values;
		Is := 1e-15 {amp};
		VT := 0.025 {volt};
	END values;

	METHOD bound_self;
	END bound_self;

	METHOD bound_all;
		RUN bound_self;
	END bound_all;

	METHOD scale_self;
	END scale_self;

	METHOD scale_all;
		RUN scale_self;
	END scale_all;

	VE IS_A voltage; (* Emitter Voltage *)
	VB IS_A voltage; (* Base Voltage *)
	VC IS_A voltage; (* Collector Voltage *)

	(* Biasing Voltages *)
	VCC IS_A voltage;
	VBB IS_A voltage;
	VEE IS_A voltage;

	RC IS_A resistance;
	RE IS_A resistance;
	RB IS_A resistance;
	IE IS_A current; (* Emitter Current *)
	IB IS_A current; (* Base Current *)
	IC IS_A current; (* Collector Current *)

	bF IS_A variable;
	bR IS_A variable;

			RC, RE, RB,
			IE, IB, IC,
			bF, bR);


	METHOD on_load;
		RUN default_self;
		RUN values;
		RUN specify;
	END on_load;

	METHOD specify;
		RUN BJT11.specify;
		FIX bF;		
		FIX bR;
		FIX VC , IC;
	END specify;

	METHOD values;
		RUN BJT11.values;
		bF := 100;
		bR := 0.02;
		VCC := 15 {volt};
		VEE := -15 {volt};
		VB := 0.0 {volt};
		RB := 1e-100 {ohm}; (*RB set very low not zero because division by zero not possible*)
		VC := 5 {volt};
		IC := 0.002 {amp};
	END values;

	METHOD default_self;
		VE := VB - 0.7{volt};
	END default_self;

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Screenshot of solving various parameters of a transistor