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This page is concerned with making ASCEND work better within Linux window managers. Similar work has been done for Windows and Mac but is not documented here.

Integrating with

This task relates to allowing ASCEND users to integrate their work in ASCEND with their usual day-to-day use of Linux. See for the implementation details.

The ASCEND RPM and Deb packages include file association (for double-click opening of .a4c and .a4l models) and registration of ASCEND in the system's Applications menu.

File type registration

The ascend.desktop and ascend.xml files in the pygtk/gnome directory perform application registration (add it to the 'Applications' menu in GNOME/KDE) and file type registration (allowing Nautilus to 'know' that the file must be run with ASCEND or else edited with gedit, for example).

Syntax highlighting

There is a separate page on applying syntax highlighting with various gedit, emacs, ViewVC, LyX and other tools on Linux.

Help files

GNOME supports reading of documentation through the 'yelp' documentation browser. We aim to convert the documentation into a form that can be viewed through this program, then to make the necessary linkages to the help documentation from the PyGTK GUI.

See Documenting ASCEND for more information.