Building SUNDIALS on Windows

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In order to use the IDA integrator with ASCEND, you will need to build the SUNDIALS package. On Windows, this can be achieved if you follow these instructions. We'll assume you're compiling ASCEND with MinGW and SCons as described in Building ASCEND, and that you've already installed MinGW and MSYS as directed.

The following instructions should work with the latest version of SUNDIALS. As of writing, that was version 2.4.0.

  1. Download sundials-(version).tar.gz from
  2. Move the file to your MSYS home directory and unzip it using tar zxf sundials-(version).tar.gz
  3. cd sundials-(version)
  4. ./configure --prefix=/mingw
  5. make -j2
  6. make install

This process assumes you have write access to the MinGW directory hierarchy. You'll only be building the serial version of IDA, but that's OK as that's all that ASCEND has attempted to support up to now.

The result of the above process should be some static library files in c:/MinGW/lib. Static libraries are good in this particular case, as ASCEND will ultimately create its own ida.dll containing statically linked IDA code, which means that we don't need to worry about copying any other SUNDIALS-related files at install-time.

See also Building ASCEND and IDA and Setting up a MinGW-w64 build environment.